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before humans and dogs were friends who fixed dog ears when they went inside out




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A pug so exhausted that he is trying to sleep standing up because he cannot breathe laying down.

This is a very common occurrence in pugs (and other brachy breeds) that is just horrifying. Pugs who do this will need a special wall bed to sleep standing up. 

Why intentionally doom an animal to a life time of suffering before it’s even born because it’s “cute” or “breed standard”?

Are pugs still adorable for your visual pleasure now?

Well those tags are rude. Pugs have the best personality of any dog I’ve ever had or have been around. I agree with the breeding..it’s really cruel…but damn don’t hate on those cute faces!

Well hellhag you are part of the problem..if people continue to think those smashed faces(which do a huge part in how they breath) are sooo cute then pugs will just continue to suffer. You people need to GET IT. These dogs suffer for their “cuteness.” Dogs are meant to have snouts. Are you willing to have dogs tortured in their deformed bodies for their cuteness? Damn how cruel. 

???? Are you kidding me? There’s nothing we can do to help them, those are the characteristics of that dog.

Actually, pugs of the old days never had these smashed in faces. This is due to selective breeding. If we can selective breed them into a smashed faced tragedy, we can selective breed them back into what they once were, however, the issue is, people cling to the “but it’s too cute” due to lack of education or ignorance, and the strict breed standard that dictates they should be a smashed faced tragedy. Pugs back, say, in the 1800s could breathe well, didn’t have a super squished in face and had great, straight legs and a nice spine free of scoliosis. We can totally breed a pug back into what it should be, problem is, people are not willing. 

Here’s some 19th century paintings of what pugs used to look like before the invention of the show ring;

Notice something? Yes, they all have proper muzzles and were probably much fitter and healthier than today pugs! THIS is what the breed should look like. Today’s pugs are miserable caricatures of the original dogs. 

Are there any pugs with snouts breeded today? A friend of mine wants one and I’d like to toss a list of health complications at her + alternatives. We don’t live anywhere close to regular vets and I’m hoping to nip this in the bud.

Yes, there are Retro Pugs! German breeders are breeding back to what the pug used to look like and I imagine other countries are following up with this too eventually.

If you can’t find retro pug breeders in your country, your friend can an try a shelter. There are pug mixes that got the better end of the gene pool where their muzzles are actually longer. 


This is what Retro Pugs look like : http://coolskelebones420.tumblr.com/post/81222144354/foxinu-perfectdogs-retro-pugs-this-is-a

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Huge Saint Bernard dog being needy

im so jealoussssssssssssssss